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Your website is a vital part of your sales strategy. But it's not the only place online where people can view your inventory. You can use a host of other 'lead generators' to get your inventory in front of customers.

But how will you manage what is sent and how will it be handled? Dealer Solutions provides an easy to use online interface for you to manage your inventory which allows you to constantly update your own website as well as other online automotive websites. The bonus here is we're fiercely independent.

We work for you, not the lead generators

As we're not in the business of selling you advertising space, we send the data you nominate to where you want it to go, so there's no hidden agenda, no extra fees. Our system ensures the same description is sent to all parties, so you can't be embarrassed by customers finding different information on different lead generating sites.

We also work proactively with lead generators and follow up on issues that might limit your inventory being published successfully. As our system constantly tracks your data, we can give you an information update at any time. It's independent online inventory distribution at your fingertips.

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Fast Facts

  • Our systems give you unlimited access to your inventory so you control updates and pricing on all inventory Distribution.
  • Inventory is accepted from all sources in all industry standard formats. Your Dealer Management System can supply your inventory or you can send it to us yourself.
  • You can easily select, update and control who gets your inventory and single or unlimited destination subscriptions are available.
  • Our independence means you have absolute control over where to send your inventory and we support the widest choice of Lead Generators.
  • Online management tools are available so you can enhance or amend advertisements.
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