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Dealer Solutions is the leading provider of technology solutions for the automotive retail industry in Australia.

Our integrated approach to products and services offers our growing client base of over 3000 dealerships and Original Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors, first class modular software and online solutions including inventory management, data aggregation, lead management, online marketing, websites and photography.

We’re also the only provider of automotive retail digital solutions in Australia backed by the power of Cox Automotive International, a company with a strong reputation and track record for anticipating what’s ahead in the automotive industry, both locally and internationally.

For more information about our automotive retail technology solutions and how they can benefit your business, please Contact Dealer Solutions today.

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Stephen Best—Chief Commercial Officer

A.P. Eagers

Two Decades with Dealer Solutions

My personal involvement started with Dealer Solutions about 8 years ago however A.P. Eagers first got involved in approximately 1996. Dealer Solutions has a great depth of industry knowledge and we benefit from using one supplier for a number of products and services. In particular, Dealer Solutions helps us maintain Inventory aggregation across multiple dealer…
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Stephen Best—Chief Commercial Officer, A.P. Eagers

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Dealer Solutions

Franchise Website Platform – Release Notes: Version 2.0.1

We’re excited to announce the first of many updates for our new Franchise Website Platform. The focus of this most recent release was platform optimisation and stability post launch.

Dealer Solutions

Google’s Mobile-first Website Indexing – Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

We live in an increasingly mobile-first world. Chances are, one of the first things you do when you wake up in the morning is check your phone. You’re also not alone if you rely on your phone to find out more about anything and everything, from useless trivia to why your fridge is making that weird noise. The same goes for your customers.

Dealer Solutions

Intelligent Inventory Like No Other

Without a doubt, your inventory is the core of your business. Are you doing everything you can to get eyes on your cars and leads in the door? On our new Franchise Dealer Website Platform, your inventory is fully integrated to help you generate more leads. Loaded with intelligent features, Dealer Solutions inventory is built to take your website to the next level.