Dealerlogic Version 2.680/3.240

May 3, 2018

What’s New in Dealerlogic?

  • Logo – We have been making some changes to our logo and branding. You should see some fresh new images in this release.
  • BPAY on GST Invoice – The BPAY logo can now be displayed on the GST invoice. This setting can be controlled from the Program Configuration.

What’s New in DAIS?

  • Garage Address – Queensland Garage Address statement is now available for printing from QT Blank Forms.
  • CRN Online Document types – Interstate Government issued, or government approved proof of age card document types have been added to CRN Application Document types.
  • PPQ Transfer Form – PPQ Transfer of ownership form can now be printed from a DAIS Transfer.
  • QT D9.2 Form – Form OSR-D9.2 has been added to the MISC menu in the QT Blank Forms Section.

What’s New in Accounting?

As you may be aware, Single Touch Payroll will become a mandatory reporting requirement for all businesses that employ 20 or more people as of 1 July 2018. We are working to prepare our Payroll module to be Single Touch ready. To find out if you need to be ready by 1 July 2018 see

  • Vehicle Creditors and Debtors Report – Accounting Vehicle Creditors and Vehicle Debtors reports can now be exported to a csv file.
  • Allowance Type Code – Allowance Type code added to payroll in preparation for Single Touch Payroll reporting.
  • Deduction Type Code – A Deduction type can now be classified as a Workplace Giving reportable deduction.

Fixes & Minor Enhancements

  • Large Database Size – A warning is now displayed when the database file approaches 15% of the 2Gb database limit. This applies to Dealerlogic 2 only.
  • Reports – Division filtering validation – Division field filtering in standard reports now has filtering to prevent special or invalid characters.
  • Stock Accounting Report – Current Rego Number is now available under the Vehicle section when designing custom reports.
  • Sales reports filtering – Added ability to clear current selection for valuer and salesperson on Sales reports.
  • Stock Card Location – Only valid stock locations may now be set on a stock card.
  • Duplicate card name alert – Duplicate card name alert added for individual card files.
  • Trade Stock Cards created from a Lookup – Added ability to set purchase date when a trade stock card is created from a lookup file.
  • Transferred Not Costed report – ‘Transferred Not Costed’ report renamed to ‘Stock with Unbalanced Settlement’.
  • Client card Validation – Validation applied to Organisation Type, ITC Flag and Stamp duty exemption on Organisation Card File.
  • Advanced Invoicing – Stock Selection on Stock Invoicing screen is corrected to default based on the selection. Improvements made when editing existing invoices where a trade exists on the stock card.
  • Card File Browse – Negative Numbers can no longer be entered in the Card File display limit.
  • VIC Dealings Register – The RWC Expiry Date has been added to the VIC Dealings Register and Dealings book. This applies to Victorian clients only.
  • GST Terms Due Date – Terms due and Invoice date now correctly defaulted when a stock card has a status of Order Taken
  • Filter Options for Stock List Report – Additional filter options on transmission type, drive type and cylinders added to stock list reports.
  • Report Print To File Options – New setting in Computer Configuration to suppress the load of print to file options which caused an error for some users in Windows 7.
  • Accounting Pay Wages – Improved message on Accounting Pay Wages where account settings are missing.
  • Stock Transaction Register – Stock Transaction register report reflects filtering and grouping as per grid.
  • Emailing Pay Slips – Correction to the display on employees emailed in Accounting Print Pay Slips to allow a scrollable list of employees.
  • Debtors Statement – Validation added to ensure a debtor is selected for accounting Debtors statement report.



If you would like more information about any changes made to Dealerlogic in this release, please contact Client Service on 1300 66 11 33