Dealerlogic Version 2.682/3.242

June 3, 2018

What’s New in Dealerlogic? 

  • Actual Stock Position Report – Location is now available to add on a user-defined Actual Stock Position report.
  • GST Invoice – ACN prefix is now displayed before ACN details on the GST Invoice.

What’s New in DAIS?

  • National Heavy Vehicle Registration Scheme – As of 1/7/2018 Queensland will adopt the National Heavy Vehicle Registration Scheme. New number plate formats for Heavy Vehicles and Trailers will be available in the Plate Control register from this date.
  • Stamp Duty Rate Increases – As of 1/7/2018 the stamp duty rates will increase for luxury light vehicles valued at more than $100,000.
  • New Business Application Form – Updated F3528 (DAIS New Business Application) and Offline New Business Application forms to show preferred Compulsory Third Party Insurer.
  • DAIS Purpose of Use – DAIS Registrations and Transfers can no longer choose ‘Used for Non-profit’ Purpose of Use without a Charitable or Community Service Concession being selected in the concession field.

What’s New in Accounting?

  • PAYG withholding self-print payment summary – The 2018 Payment Summaries format has been updated to include workplace giving deductions. The exported EmpDupe file will also include workplace giving deductions.

Fixes & Minor Enhancements

  • QT Transactions on a dual monitor– Correction to display of QT transactions so they open correctly in dual monitors.
  • SA Forms Manager – Minor corrections to SA Forms Manager so it displays correctly on high DPI devices such as a laptop.
  • Employee Residency Status / Income Type validation – New holidaymaker Residency Status and Income Type validation added to Employee maintenance.
  • Printing Accounting Purchase Register – Improvements made to the printing of grouped and filtered Accounting Transaction register items.
  • Printing GL Transaction Journals – Improvements made to the printing of General Ledger Transactions where filtering has been applied on the GL Transaction register.


If you would like more information about any changes made to Dealerlogic in this release, please contact Client Service on 1300 66 11 33