Dealerlogic Version 2.690/3.250

July 3, 2018

What’s New in Dealerlogic? 

  • 5 day Pay Terms – There is now an option of specifying 5 days’ pay terms for both Sales and Purchase Terms in the card file banking details.

What’s New in DAIS?

  • Personalised Plate Authority – The Personalised Plate Authority menu has been renamed to Remove/Attach Personalised Plate and now loads the latest version of the Remove and/or Attach Personalised / Customised Plates Application (F2964) form.
  • Letter of Authority.The purpose of use, market value, rego number and stock number have been included on the DAIS Letter of Authority.
  • Restricted Area Concession Form – A Restricted Area Concession Form has been added to the Concession area in DAIS and Offline Registration and Transfer transactions.
  • CTP Insurer in DAIS Registration – A validation error is now displayed when a CTP Insurer is not specified in a DAIS Registration transaction.

Fixes & Minor Enhancements

  • SA Form 5 – The SA Form 5 Contract of Sale has been updated so that the Purchaser information displays at the top of the contract.
  • SA Forms Manager – The display of the SA Forms manager has been corrected so that buttons are not obscured when displayed.
  • Offline Transaction Display – Minor corrections to prevent Offline QT transactions screens opening in full screen mode.
  • Offline Registration Transaction – Correction to the display of the CTP Fee Calculation component on the printed Offline Registration Transaction.


If you would like more information about any changes made to Dealerlogic in this release, please contact Customer Experience on 1300 66 11 33