A picture says a thousand words

August 10, 2018

A picture says a thousand words and the same applies to the quality of photos used to showcase your inventory on your dealership website or third-party advertiser.

That’s where Luxe comes in – Our new photography product.

Luxe is a series of automated digital backgrounds that can be used to showcase your vehicle inventory photos. Put simply, if you dislike the location or what appears in the background of your vehicle photography, Luxe helps you create the impression that your vehicles are photographed at an elegant location or trendy city.

Use Luxe to create value in the mind of vehicle shoppers

Having poor quality photos these days simply doesn’t cut it, especially in today’s online world, where the perception you create online, is the is the perception your customers will have of your products.

With Luxe, you can take control of your vehicle inventory photos, and most importantly, how they are showcased online.