Dealerlogic Version 2.700/3.260

September 18, 2018

What’s New in Dealerlogic?

  •  Cloudlogic Browser supportCloudlogic can now also be accessed via Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • Stock Locate DisplayThere is now the ability to display GVM, GCM and Tare on the Stock Locate. The display settings can be set in the Program Configuration.

What’s New in DAIS?

  • Heavy Vehicle Plates – Heavy Vehicles where the GVM is >= 4500 kg now attract a different plate fee to the standard plate fee. The new plate fee is calculated in all applicable offline transactions and Quick Quote.
  • Quick Quote – A stock card can now be selected in Quick Quote to pre-populate selection details.

Fixes & Minor Enhancements

  • Stock Card Balance Payable – Correction to display of Balance payable amount where multiple payment amounts have been added on the stock card settle tab.
  • SA Form 1 – Improved display of dealership name on SA Form 1 so that it is not obscured by overlapping labels.
  • VIC Roads Transfer Fee – VIC Roads Transfer fees for a passenger vehicle can now be applied to Ute or Utility where the Vehicle Category is set to ‘Passenger’.
  • QLD Non-Accounting Extra Items – Extended the amount of sales extra items that can be added to a vehicle sale for Queensland non-accounting clients. The extra line items are displayed on the GST invoice and contract of sale.
  • Termination Pay – Termination Pay checkbox cannot be selected in Pay Wages until an employee has been selected first.

If you would like more information about any changes made to Dealerlogic in this release, please contact Customer Experience on 1300 66 11 33