Selling cars online made easy

February 14, 2019

Have you ever wondered if your customers would like to start buying cars online?

Before we go there, let’s think about this: Australia has one of the highest internet penetration rates in the world, currently sitting at 88% with a 3% increase year on year. E-commerce sites such as eBay receive traffic of 34 million visitors per month with visitors spending an average of 10+ minutes on site!1

Whilst you can’t buy a car on eBay, stats like these, as we mentioned on our last blog post, The 6 key features every dealership website should have, lead us to believe that many more Aussies will be ready to start punching their credit card details on your website to secure their next vehicle very soon.

So, over a year ago, we conducted our own research and asked Australian consumers about their desire to perform vehicle transactions online. The results provided insight that Australian buyers are ready to complete part, or parts, of the vehicle purchasing process online.

“One of the key aspects of the process customers were very keen on, was securing a vehicle through the internet. People wanted to put their hand up for a car so that someone else did not get it ahead of them” reported Timothy Dlugosz, our Project Leader here at Dealer Solutions.

Online Deposits is Launched

One year has passed, and today, we are excited to announce that with our partnership with PayPal, we have brought Online Deposits to all our Modular Websites!

Our customers can easily enable this feature on the back end of their Modular Website by following three simple steps. Once this feature is enabled, the Online Deposit button (Call To Action button) will display across all of their listed inventory via a prominent link standing out on the page.

What does this mean for your customers when they visit your website?

Although the answer is obvious, we want to highlight that all your customers can now secure their next car online! This is particularly beneficial for used car dealers offering one-of-a-kind deal like demonstrators or special editions. By enabling this feature on your Modular Website, you will streamline and simplify the purchase journey for your customers and ultimately increase your sales.



When it comes to risk and security, you and your customers are covered thanks to our partnership with PayPal! Using PayPal as our payment gateway, we can ensure your customers have multiple payment options such as PayPal Wallet or their preferred credit card (Visa, American Express and Master Card), and if they change their mind about the car, the deposit that they pay is completely refundable.

Well, and for you, the seller, things couldn’t be easier as Online Deposits is a free feature. That’s right, there is no cost associated with enabling this feature on your Modular Website. The only time you will be charged a fee, is when you receive a deposit, so if no deposit, no fee. It’s as simple as that.

Introducing Was / Now pricing

To keep spicing things up, our team of developers recently introduced Was/Now Pricing across our Modular Website platform and our Inventory Search product.

With this new feature, our customers can show discounts on their inventory to drive attention to a vehicle that has a reduction in price.

Setting up this feature is simple! This time, you are required to log in to our Dashboard and access the inventory items you wish to modify. Update the pricing by adding the ‘Now’ price into the ‘Item Price’ field and the ‘Was’ price into the ‘Old Item Price’ field. Here is a preview of what you can expect to see when setting up the Was/Now pricing on our Dashboard.


The result, the inventory selected will show the comparative pricing.


Need more info?

Online deposits and Was/Now pricing are two of our latest features added monthly to our Modular Website platform. You can learn more about Online Deposits here, and our Modular Website Platform here.

If you don’t have a Dealer Solutions website, request your free demo today here so you can be a step closer to start selling your vehicle inventory online.