Ordering PPSR and CarHistory Reports is easy with Dealer Solutions

February 21, 2019

You run a used car dealership, and as you already know, your business has the requirement to ensure that all vehicles are clear of anything that could affect the integrity of that car – for this, you obtain a PPSR certificate, and your job is done!

But, what if we tell you that for the same or less amount of work, you can run a CarHistory report adding the extra benefit of increasing the number of qualified leads while mitigating the risk from your used car operations?

When you order your PPSR or CarHistory reports with Dealer Solutions, you can experience seamless integration with your inventory and enjoy:

1. Intuitive user interfaces – quickly and easily process your vehicle history requests on a desktop, mobile or tablet

2. Increased data accuracy – no need to double enter VIN or vehicle details, or re-key in certificate numbers against your inventory

3. Reduced administration time – no need to log into other systems to purchase your statutory reports

4. A single monthly bill to pay for the certificates and reports you have purchased in the month

5. Peace of mind that your transactions are securely stored, linked directly to your inventory and can be printed on demand




Car History Reports vs. PPSR – What’s best?

To help you take the guesswork out of the decision between choosing CarHistory reports over the standard PPSR certificate, we have put together this comparative table:



In simple terms, by conducting your check via a CarHistory Report, you can have access to a much greater level of detail on the car by having access to information that your customers will value as ‘peace of mind’ such as written off records, stolen vehicle check, odometer check and finance owing.


Turn CarHistory Reports into qualified leads:

Did you know that if you have a Dealer Solutions Modular website, you can automatically link your CarHistory report to your inventory, and for no additional cost, you can share your clear CarHistory report in exchange for your customer’s contact details? A CarHistory Report will allow you not only to build consumer trust in your brand but the ability to capture qualified leads directly on your website.

Here is what our customers are saying:

So how can you turn CarHistory reports into “CarHistory Leads”?

1. Ensure you are set up with a Dealer Solutions Modular website with CarHistory Lead (we will also need the email address you want your customer’s details to be sent to)

2. Order your CarHistory reports directly on our Dealer Solutions Dashboard or DMS Dealerlogic.

3. When you purchase a CarHistory Report for a specific vehicle, if the vehicle is not stolen, written off or encumbered, a CarHistory Report Banner will automatically display on your vehicle on the website.

4. The CarHistory report banner invites customers who would like to know more about the vehicle, to request their free CarHistory report in exchange for their name, email address and phone number.

5. The result: The CarHistory report will be emailed directly to your customer, and in turn, their details will be emailed to your dealership’s email to be followed up as a lead!

We are here to help

If you would like to learn more about CarHistory reports and how to order them via our DMS Dealerlogic or via our Dashboard, contact our team today.