5 Reasons Why Your Dealership Needs Professional Photography

March 6, 2019

When first considering purchasing a new vehicle, every consumer begins with a strong image of their ideal car. Whether it be a luxury sports vehicle with strong horsepower and leather interior or an economic family car with a strong safety rating, we all start with a very clear photograph in our minds of what we are after.

We know that a picture tells a thousand words, but have you ever heard of a picture selling a story? A recent study shows that 90% of consumers consider vehicle photos an extremely important aspect of online vehicle listings. By implementing professional photography within your dealership, you are capitalising on what your customers value and increasing opportunity for sales in return. A win – win.


Keegan Sequeira, Professional Photographer at Dealer Solutions, identifies 5 reasons why your dealership would significantly benefit from professional photography for your vehicle inventory.


Peace of Mind

There are so many different aspects to consider when taking an image – lighting, contrast, complimentary angels, removing background noise, the list goes on. Without adequate training or experience, taking the perfect photograph can be overwhelming to say the least. Take the hassle out of photographing your own vehicles by hiring a professional photographer. You can trust our photographers to shoot, edit and upload your high-quality vehicle images in a timely manner so you can start selling faster.



When selling cars, consistency in vehicle detail page images can be the difference between a sale or sale lost. Professional photographers can capture consistent images across your wide range of vehicles that only comes from experience and expertise. This will add a competitive level of presentation and professionalism across your website and vehicle inventory, making it easier for your customers to compare vehicles and ultimately make their decision.


Expert Editing

Stand out from your competitors with professionally photographed vehicle images and polished editing. Our professional photographers can make the car the star by removing any background noise like competitor’s signage or people to provide a much cleaner finish. Our team can also add Luxe, digital backgrounds to help you stand out from the crowd by ensuring your vehicle inventory is showcased with a consistent background across your website.



A professional has the required experience and training to get the best out of your location and vehicles. They know what angles, focal lengths and aspects of a vehicle to photograph but are flexible enough to accommodate to any of your requirements.


Camera Equipment

Put simply – a professional photographer comes equipped with the skills and equipment to capture the most appealing vehicle image.



We’re here to help

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