Adding a Secondary Logo to your Website!

March 26, 2019

That’s right – you can now add a secondary logo to your dealership website!

As part of the ongoing improvements to our Modular Platform, we have introduced a secondary logo feature available now to all Dealer Solutions website customers.

This feature allows our customers to showcase their unique promotion offers and digital retailing services to stand out against their competitors.



How To Enable a Secondary Logo

Enabling this feature is easy with two simple steps in which you are required to add a desktop logo and an associated link to the logo for mobile view.


Step 1 – Adding a Secondary Logo to Desktop View

In the Header Configuration section of the Modular platform, select ‘Desktop Secondary Logo’ to enable this feature and upload the image you wish to use.

To find out where to access the Header Configuration and add a Desktop Secondary Logo section of the Modular Platform, check out the video below.

If you require assistance creating your alternative logo artwork, the Digipurple team and experienced Graphic Designers would be happy to assist you with your Digital Creative.


Step 2 – Adding the Associated Link 

Below the Enable Link function, customise the ‘Attached an URL to Secondary Logo’ and ‘Alternate Text’ fields according to the information you require: e.g. Buy Online or Place a Deposit Now. 


The outcome: a customised secondary logo in the header of your dealership’s Modular Platform website is now visible. When viewing from a mobile device, this item will display in the Navigation Menu for a seamless and easier user experience.


Need more info?

The secondary logo functionality is our latest feature to our Modular Website platform. You can learn more about our Modular Website Platform here.

If you would like to learn more about our websites contact us here or request a demo and accelerate demand, drive traffic and capture more leads directly on your most important showroom – Your website.