Dealerlogic Version 2.730/3.290

March 28, 2019

What’s New in Dealerlogic?

  •  Vehicle History Certificates is now called Vehicle History so that it is aligned with the product refresh on our online Dashboard All the same functionality for creating PPSR and CarHistory reports is still available to allow you to link your searches direct to your stock. Learn more about PPSR and CarHistory reports on our latest blog post.
  • Improved Card File Search The Card File search functionality has been extended to allow you to quickly search and locate cards based on any associated address, phone or email.
  • Bulk tick/untick Internet Stock A new setting is available in Program Configuration to be able to bulk tick/untick the ‘Put on Internet’ box for all stock. This will allow better control of when vehicles are exported online.

 What’s New in DAIS?

  • Evidence of Identity Form The Evidence of Identity Form for individuals has been updated to the latest version supplied by Department of Transport and Main Roads.

 Fixes & Minor Enhancements

  • Support call completed window Improved display of support call window so that the information displayed is easier to view and can be resized
  • WA blank forms Correction to the error message displayed when printing WA Blank forms
  • Stock card photo count Correction to incorrect photo count on the stock card where no photos have been added
  • Reconditioning sale updating stock card Correction on the processing of Reconditioning Sale so that “sold to”, “sale date” and “sale price” fields are not updated on the sale tab of Stock Card


If you would like more information about any changes made to Dealerlogic in this release, please contact our Customer Experience team on 1300 66 11 33