How To Create a Customer Login on our Service Platform

May 20, 2019

We’re Improving the Way We Connect with Your Business


We have created an innovative Service Platform which allows you to submit a support enquiry within seconds in a new and interactive way.

The key difference: the ability to track the progress of your request, in real time, with full transparency from when we start working on it to the solution delivered by our team of experts.

Let’s get started

To begin submitting enquiries through the Customer Service Portal, you will be required to login using a few simple steps:


Step 1: visit

Step 2: select ‘Log-In’ on the top right-hand corner


Step 3: select ‘Need an Account? Sign Up’


Step 4: enter your email address in the field provided and select ‘Send Link’. A confirmation email will be sent to your chosen email address to confirm your account.


Step 5: once you have received a confirmation email from, select ‘Sign Up’.


Step 6: enter your Full Name and Password into the fields provided and select ‘Sign Up’


Step 7: you have completed registration! Select ‘Customer Service Desk’ to access the Customer Service Portal. From here, you can submit an enquiry.


Hot Tip: add the Customer Service Portal as a Bookmark on your browser for convenient future enquiries.


How do I submit a support enquiry?

Check out the video below to see how to submit a support enquiry on our Customer Service Desk!


Submitting a support enquiry on our Customer Service Portal is easy!  

Step 1: visit the Customer Service Desk

Step 2: select your State

Step 3: select the Product/Service you require assistance with

Step 4: complete the support form with your contact details and a detailed description on your enquiry. You may include attachments to support your case.

Step 5: once completed, please provide the email address you wish to receive a confirmation email to and select Send.

Step 6: you will receive a email confirmation of your enquiry submission. Our Customer Service Team will begin working on your enquiry in full transparency.


Ready to get started?

Submit your first service request here or give us a call on 1300 66 11 33 for a quick tutorial on how to use our new Service Desk platform – We’re here to help.