The New Search Experience

June 10, 2019

Putting your inventory front and centre

Faster, intuitive and focused on results – that’s our latest inventory search upgrade available across all our vehicle websites and any other website using Dealer Solutions Inventory Search capabilities.

Keep on reading – we are describing below the new features shoppers will experience when searching for their next vehicle on your dealership website.


Introducing our New Features:


No Field Left Behind

As you make selections, all the other fields in the search section will automatically update. For example, if you select ‘4WD’ only makes with vehicles in that category will display in the “Make” dropdown.


The Need For Speed

Vehicle shoppers will find their results faster as the search fields will update automatically based on the search criteria.


Results Preview and “No Zero” Result Searches

As a vehicle shopper adds to their search, the search button will update with a count of how many results they can expect to see. This will prevent the user from adding too much criteria and ending up with no results.


Multiple Backgrounds

No matter your dealership type or OEMs guidelines, you will find a background to match your brand. Franchise dealers will feature a brand compliant version whilst independent dealers are given the option to choose from our background library or upload their own.


From our background library:





Stay tuned!

Up next, we’ll be adding revamped multi-selection to the search followed by upgrades to the refine search, results and vehicle detail pages. Stay tuned or talk to us today to find out how you can access features like this, at no extra cost, on your dealership website.