Modular Website Platform – Release Notes: Version 2.0.6

August 12, 2019


Our latest release brings you extended flexibility around our Service Booking Module for dealerships with multiple Service departments. Franchise dealers have now the ability to extend their OEM brand to their map by customising the map marker with the respective brand for a higher brand positioning and user experience.

Take a look at the new features now available on our Modular Platform, and stay tuned for further updates as we keep releasing more and more features every second week!


Form Module – Service Booking – Multiple Service Location & Service Hours

When a website contains more than one Service Department, the Service Enquiry form will now display the service hours of the selected department. This improvement allows customers to request a service time reflective of the chosen department’s opening hours.


Map Module – OEM Franchise Websites – Map Markers

We’ve added an additional functionality for the Map Module, allowing you to add your OEM logo to your map marker. Available for all OEM Franchise Websites, you can add the logo within your Locations settings, by selecting a ‘Location Map Marker’ value of ‘Manufacturer Logo’.  The relevant OEM logo will display on the map marker pin on the Map Module.



Take a look at this quick video to learn how you update your map marker in seconds.



CTA Module – 3 & 4 Column Slider with Image, Title, Text & Button

New functionality for the 3 & 4 Column Slider Layout for the CTA Module. Users can now open the selected CTA link by using either a middle mouse click, right-clicking on the CTA and selecting to open in a new tab/window, or holding control and clicking the CTA.



Hyundai OEM Franchise Websites – Updated Website Tagging

Hyundai OEM Franchise websites have had improved data layer information applied to page loads, form submissions and CTA clicks. This improvement will give Hyundai dealerships a greater understanding of how consumers are using their websites.


Bug Fixes

General bug fixes and patches to improve existing functionality across the platform