Modular Website Platform – Release Notes 2.0.9

September 30, 2019

This release brings you scale desktop to mobile website banner sizing, reactivated model range module for Toyota websites, cross-domain Google analytics tracking for Toyota customers, SEO improvements and more!

Take a look at the new features now available on our Modular Platform, and stay tuned for further updates as we continue to releasing more features each fortnight.


Website Banners – Scale Desktop to Mobile Banner Sizing

We have introduced a new setting in the Banner Module which eliminates the requirement to upload an additional Mobile banner.


When this feature is activated, rather than displaying the manually uploaded Mobile Banner image when browsing from a mobile device:



Model Range Module Reactivated for Toyota websites

The Model Range module has been reactivated for Toyota OEM websites, and can now be selected to display on any website pages:


SEO Improvement – Inventory URL & Title Tags

Reduction and consolidation of Inventory Page URL’s and Title Tags will ensure better SEO for inventory VDP pages.


Toyota Cross-Domain Google Analytics Tracking

At a request from Toyota, improvements have been made in reporting website form submissions to the Data Layer.


Hide Display of Fuel Tank Fill Cost/Fuel Range Icons on VDP

Newly introduced to Inventory Vehicle Details Pages are the Fuel Tank – Cost to Fill and Fuel Range icons and data:

Based on your valuable feedback, we have introduced a new setting to hide this feature. If you wish to active this setting, please contact our Customer Experience Team.


Bug Fixes

General bug fixes and patches to improve existing functionality across the platform.


We’re here to help! 

If you would like more information about the Modular website platform or the new functionalities included in this release, please contact our Customer Experience team on 1300 66 11 33 or send us an enquiry via our Customer Service Portal – we would love to help.