Modular Website Platform – Release Notes 2.1

October 13, 2019

Our latest release brings you the new improved Vehicle Details Page designs, the added functionality to retain sold stock on your website for SEO purposes, simple search implementation for a specific inventory page and more!

Take a look at the new features now available on our Modular Platform, and stay tuned for further updates as we continue to releasing more features each fortnight.


Inventory Results Pages

Both the List and Grid Views of Inventory Results pages have been updated in line with the new Vehicle Details Page designs.


The new designs include:

  • Improve the user experience (UX) on all devices (desktop/tablet/mobile) with a particular focus on mobile
  • Provide users with more information about the car – Refuel Estimates + Estimated Range
  • Reorder the information on the page based on what customers want (data + research)
  • Clean up the design to bring it into line with the improved Simple Search and VDP UI released in previous iterations


Grid View


List View


Retain Sold Stock

Analysis of best SEO practice has determined keeping Sold vehicle URL’s present on your website for 90 days is ideal.

Customers who have access to a link of a vehicle that has since been sold will now be directed to a customised page clearly stating the vehicle has been Sold, but allowing them to submit an enquiry against, for the dealership to try and source a similar vehicle for them.


Simple Search Module – Inventory Page Association

Additional functionality has been added to the Simple Search module in an Advanced tab. This functionality will allow you to link the Simple Search module to a specific Inventory page, allowing further flexibility when configuring inventory pages for specific campaigns.


Additional Event Logging – Sitewide Codes

Thanks to your valuable feedback, we have recently introduced additional logging that occurs within the Modular Website Platform to Sitewide Codes. Any user activity on this page, moving forward, will be tracked and available to be confirmed for Modular customers upon request of the Customer Experience Team.


Structured Schema Markup Updates

Schema Markup helps search engines read and understand the information presented on your website. We have recently reviewed and updated all Inventory pages with the latest standards provided by, ensuring best and modern practice is employed in optimising inventory pages for search engines.


Bug Fixes

General bug fixes and patches to improve existing functionality across the platform.


We’re here to help! 

If you would like more information about the Modular website platform or the new functionalities included in this release, please contact our Customer Experience team on 1300 66 11 33 or send us an enquiry via our Customer Service Portal – we would love to help.