Auto360° New Features

March 6, 2020

On this blog post, we bring two features that will help you speed up your video and spins upload and increase customer engagement via personalised videos.

Queued Uploads

Are you worried about running out of data to manage your upload files? With our Queued Uploads features, you can queue 360 spins and videos until you are back in WiFi range and not use your mobile data.

Here’s how you can do it:

Under Menu > Upload Queue > select the settings icon > Select upload on WiFi only or Upload on any network.




Personalised Videos

Give prospective clients a close-up, guided tour of the vehicle and features, narrated by you! Did you know you can record with audio or mute the mic in-app if you prefer not to?

How long can personalised videos be? There are no restrictions on the length of the personalised video. Auto360° can process videos with file sizes up to 1GB, which gives you roughly 15-20 minutes of video recording time. Awesome!

Here’s how you can do it:

Select stock item > Record a new video, choose from the device, or select from Auto360° Library > Send





Want to know more?

Check out our Auto360° page here to learn more!