Inventory Management – April Release Notes

April 30, 2020

What’s new in Inventory Management on our Dashboard in April?


1. Make your inventory stand out with YouTube Videos

Our latest Dashboard V3 release brings you the option to add YouTube videos to your inventory directly in our Dashboard! This new feature enables you to display vehicle’s videos directly on your Dealer Solutions website. Showcasing your inventory is even more critical during the social distancing restrictions, and our integrated solutions make it easy for you to support your contactless selling efforts.


Here’s how you can add YouTube videos to your inventory on Dashboard V3:

To access the video functionality, simply log into your Dealer Dashboard, navigate to the Inventory view screen and select the relevant vehicle.

Adding a YouTube video to your dealer solutions website

Click on the videos tab in your vehicle details page and then enter the URL for the YouTube video. The Link Text field will automatically default to the vehicle description, but you can override that if you prefer to enter a different description.

To add new videos, you can click on the Add Video button and repeat the process above. Then click Save Changes, and the videos you have uploaded will display on your Dealer Solutions website!

Good to know:

To ensure you maximise the effectiveness of your videos, please remember:

  • All address links must be YouTube links. If you have another video format, i.e. mp4, you must first upload that to your YouTube account and then reference that address
  • If you add multiple videos, these will appear on your website in the same order you entered them, i.e. video one will display first, then followed by the second video. On your website, the videos will appear after your vehicle images.


2. Support for Trucks in Dashboard v3

We now support the creation and management of Trucks in our Dealer Dashboard. All the existing data and features you were used to in Dashboard v2 are still available and are now enhanced with the great new look and feel of the new Dashboard!


Here’s is how you can set up trucks as an inventory item on Dashboard V3:

Navigate to the Create New Vehicle menu and then select the Truck Item type.


Setting up trucks as a stock item on your Dealer Solutions Dashboard

Add the truck specifications by completing the General Specifications, Engine & Fuel and Dimensions fields.

The information you enter here will display across your website and advertising destinations, giving full control of the data you show online.


Setting up trucks on your Dealer Solutions Dashboard


We’re here to help!

If you would like more information about Inventory Management on Dashboard v3, and the new functionalities included in this release, please contact our Customer Experience Team on 1300 66 11 33 or send us an enquiry via our Customer Service Portal – we would love to help.