New Market Days Supply Module in AutoRadar

September 24, 2021


Get ready to experience a better way to visualise and navigate your inventory with our New Market Days Supply module in AutoRadar.


Market Days Supply is an essential metric to drive used car success.




Knowing your Market Days Supply allows you to understand the actual demand in your market and empower you to make profitable decisions.


Location, equipment, kilometres…it all makes a difference. That is why Market Days Supply is one of the most important metrics for used car success. In simple terms, it lets you know how a particular car will or will not perform.


Let’s take a look at our improved Inventory Analysis module:



You can now see a breakdown of your inventory by quantity in Market Days Supply brackets, ranging between Unavailable to 106 Days+


Discover the Above, Within, Below, and Unavailable market price breakdown for each bracket in a heartbeat.


To the right of the graph, you can dive deeper into the data by analysing the Market Days Supply in days brackets and their respective: Vehicle Quantity, Total EGC Price, Average Market Price and Average Days in Inventory.

Analyse each vehicle


Click on the vehicle quantity to see the vehicles that make up the quantities and discover further insights for each car.



We hope this update improves your overall experience with AutoRadar. If any questions, feel welcome to reach us at 1300 66 11 33 or log in to AutoRadar via the Dealer Solutions Dashboard to access these new changes!


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