Vehicle Details page’s new look in Dashboard

September 24, 2021

Feast your eyes on the updated version of the Vehicle Details page in our dealer dashboard.
Let’s see what’s different about our improved interface.


We put a lot of effort into improving the Vehicle Details page in order to show you all the information you need in a heartbeat.

Can you notice any difference?


In View Inventory, we have updated the Vehicle Summary blade and the Quick Edit page with new content.

You can now see the vehicle breakdown, with the Days in Stock and Days Online values showing, as well as the number of Export Destinations the vehicle is currently going to.

There is also a new Status section with Yes / No breakdown that gives greater insight into the status of the vehicle.

And the Quick Edit tab now has more targeted options in collapsible sections for the dealers to create or edit the vehicle details.


Vehicle History


Head over to the Vehicle History section to see a new PPSR search link in the Quick menu.

If you have Vehicle History as part of your package, you can immediately navigate to the search area to perform a PPSR Search.



There are other minor improvements, and our team will continue to add more, once they are ready, we will let you know!

We hope this update improves your overall experience with our Dashboard. If any questions, feel welcome to reach us at 1300 66 11 33 or log in to the Dealer Solutions Dashboard to access these new changes!