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Dealerlogic Version 2.700/3.260

September 18, 2018

What’s New in Dealerlogic?  Cloudlogic Browser support – Cloudlogic can now also be accessed via Chrome and Firefox browsers. Stock Locate Display – There is now the ability to display GVM, GCM and Tare on the Stock Locate. The display settings can be set in the Program Configuration. What’s New in DAIS? Heavy Vehicle Plates – Heavy Vehicles where the GVM is >= 4500 kg now attract a different plate fee to the standard plate...

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Dealerlogic focus group findings and useful tips!

August 10, 2018

Findings from our Dealerlogic Focus Group We recently ran a survey with all our Dealerlogic users and have put together a simple infographic to share with you our findings as well as some insightful tips that will help you make the most of our Dealer Management System – Dealerlogic! Click on the image below to view our infographic. Did you know? That our cloud service Cloudlogic now also runs on an Apple MAC You can configure...

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Dealerlogic Version 2.690/3.250

July 3, 2018

What’s New in Dealerlogic?  5 day Pay Terms – There is now an option of specifying 5 days’ pay terms for both Sales and Purchase Terms in the card file banking details. What’s New in DAIS? Personalised Plate Authority – The Personalised Plate Authority menu has been renamed to Remove/Attach Personalised Plate and now loads the latest version of the Remove and/or Attach Personalised / Customised Plates Application (F2964) form. Letter of Authority. – The...

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Dealerlogic Version 2.682/3.242

June 3, 2018

What’s New in Dealerlogic?  Actual Stock Position Report – Location is now available to add on a user-defined Actual Stock Position report. GST Invoice – ACN prefix is now displayed before ACN details on the GST Invoice. What’s New in DAIS? National Heavy Vehicle Registration Scheme – As of 1/7/2018 Queensland will adopt the National Heavy Vehicle Registration Scheme. New number plate formats for Heavy Vehicles and Trailers will be available in the Plate Control...

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Dealerlogic Version 2.680/3.240

May 3, 2018

What’s New in Dealerlogic? Logo – We have been making some changes to our logo and branding. You should see some fresh new images in this release. BPAY on GST Invoice – The BPAY logo can now be displayed on the GST invoice. This setting can be controlled from the Program Configuration. What’s New in DAIS? Garage Address – Queensland Garage Address statement is now available for printing from QT Blank Forms. CRN Online Document...

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