Features you can trust

Calculate the real cost of a vehicle

Allows you to track the costs of reconditioning so you know the real cost of each of vehicle.

State based forms and contracts

Updated with relevant data for your state including compliance forms for the sale and purchase of vehicles.

Stay compliant

Compliant with legislation and statutory requirements needed to complete your vehicle sales.

Cloud solution

Our cloud solution, Cloudlogic, allows you to connect to your dealership system, anywhere at any time via a MAC or PC device, knowing your data is automatically backed up and protected.

Comprehensive cost estimates

Cost estimates are calculated to include industry-specific details such as load and specific taxation matters (e.g. notional GST).

PPSR and CarHistory Reports

Access our Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) and full Car History Reports knowing they are directly linked to each stock card.

Easy to use forms

All forms are stored and tracked and can be reprinted at the touch of a button including contracts, transfer forms and registration forms.

Real-time reporting

Reconcile your daily inventory levels and accounts. Analyse your sales and purchase history—track trades, payouts, GST and complete profit reports.


Easy to use integrated accounting system to manage all of your purchase and sales invoices.


Enjoy our seamless and user intuitive invoicing facility.

Inventory Distribution

Send your vehicle stock automatically to any of our 140+ advertising destinations

Facebook Marketplace

Automatically advertise vehicles on Facebook Marketplace. [more]