Main Features

Be unique

Position yourself more successfully online and achieve a unique presence for your dealership on your website and across your third-party advertising.

Achieve consistency

Achieve a greater level of consistency by showcasing your vehicle inventory with the same backgrounds and allow your customers to focus on the details that matter.

Eliminate noise

Distracting elements in your vehicle photos, such as your competitor’s branding or your customers, is now a thing of the past. Luxe emphasises what matters most – your vehicles.

Generate more leads

High quality vehicle photos improve the online presence of your inventory and as a result, you are more likely to attract more quality leads.

Discover convenience

Stop worrying about having a consistent location to photograph your inventory. Luxe creates the impression that your vehicles are at an elegant or trendy location.

Choose your own style

We have a range of photography backgrounds allowing you to personalise your stock. Choose from our standard or premium options.

Background Options

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