1300 4 DEALERS

A powerful call tracking & reporting tool

1300 4 DEALERS will help you analyse what advertising is working for your business. By providing a unique 1300 number for your advertising points, departments or pages in your Website, 1300 4 DEALERS enables you to determine how many calls you are receiving and other important analytics. With a range of reports for every individual number, you can compare results across any online or offline ads you place.

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1300 Dealer Numbers

Advertising insights

Understand which advertising sources (e.g. newspaper, magazine, television, radio, your website, advertising websites, display ads online etc.) are working, so you can assess and adjust your marketing strategy.

Call whispering

Always know who’s on the line. As you connect every call, you will be told which advertisement the caller has dialled from. This prepares you to greet your caller in the most appropriate way for their enquiry.

Call reporting & analytics

With easy-to-access online reporting, 1300 4 DEALERS provides real time information to better understand customers’ calling patterns.

Integrates with Google Maps

Incoming calls (excluding blocked and mobile) can be tracked to specific locations to show you where your calls are coming from.

Options for your numbers

Depending on what is more appropriate your dealership, you can choose between 1300 or local telephone numbers.

Integrates easily

1300 4 DEALERS call tracking integrates easily with our Lead Management Solution, allowing you to add calls as leads so you can access and manage all your leads in one place.