CallSource call management

Improve your dealership’s performance with call tracking and complete management

CallSource® call management is a sales performance tool for the automotive industry. CallSource offers a range of features, such as call tracking, lead score, and deal saver alerts (every call is listened to and an alert sent if sales calls are mishandled giving you the opportunity to recover a customer before they go to a competitor).

You can also optionally implement ‘Total Performance Analysis’ (TPA) to report on how individual salespeople are handling your customers’ calls. This is ideal to identify and address training requirements.

CallSource establishes a baseline of performance for your dealership and helps you understand how effectively your marketing dollars are being spent. The result: sell more vehicles and reduce your advertising spend per sale.

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Call Source

Deal saver alerts

60% of mishandled sales calls defect to a competitor. Ensure that all of your sales calls are maximised and never miss a sales opportunity through poor call handling again.

Marketing analysis

CallSource reports help you to understand your marketing by categorising your phone leads into prospects and non-prospects, by advertising source and department, providing you with a more accurate analysis of your marketing ROI and cost per lead.

Total performance analysis

The optional Total Performance Analysis (TPA) service provides all the reporting you need to review how your team is handling sales calls. Identify and address individual telephone handling training requirements.

On-going support

The Dealer Solutions Client Service team is committed to providing you with great service and is on-hand to help you maximise the benefits of our call management system.