Automotive dealership accounting

Effortless automotive accounting

Dealer Solutions’ automotive accounting is designed for pre-owned independent dealers of all shapes and sizes, whether you sell cars, and motorcycles, campervans, trucks or farm equipment. Track every dollar in and out of your dealership!

If you’re running one system to control inventory and then entering the same data again into a separate accounting system, we can make your life a lot easier. Available as a fully integrated option for Dealerlogic, the accounting module ensures every transaction entered into the inventory system updates with your accounting system seamlessly, in real-time, without any additional data entry.

Find out more about our Dealerlogic with accounting below, or simply Contact Us for more information today!


Flexible general ledger

Dealerlogic Accounting combines a flexible General Ledger facility with your dealership Inventory Management system. The general ledger is updated as you trade and update details in your inventory system so there is no need to enter data twice!

Comprehensive accounting system

Dealerlogic Accounting includes all the features of an off the shelf accounting system and more. Generate creditor payments, and send remittance advices, invoices, receipts and reports direct to email.

Chart of accounts

Use the powerful and flexible chart of accounts to customise your general ledger. Track payables and receivables at the touch of a button. Up to date data and an accrual system (not cash) means you know exactly what inventory purchases and sales are outstanding at any time.

Save time

Dealerlogic Accounting ensures every transaction entered into the inventory system updates with your accounting system seamlessly, in real-time! Save time by entering data only once! It is then available immediately for accurate BAS, Banking and Inventory Reporting.

Complete control

Put yourself in complete control of everything that matters in your business by tracking every expense dollar, calculate and update critical business data and get daily operations overview reports.

Advanced invoicing

With the optional extra of Advanced Invoicing, you can edit and create invoices before selling vehicles. Perfect for arranging financial approvals.