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Drive results with your online inventory

It’s not rocket science. If the number one reason a person visits your website is to view a vehicle — car, motorbike, truck, van, rocket — then it’s critical that they find it. And fast! That’s where Inventory Search comes in.

Our Inventory Search solution has been created specifically for automotive dealers like you, to ensure your inventory is helping your Website meet its maximum potential. Our industry-leading inventory system has what you need to power your website’s success. It is:

  • Designed for customer satisfaction — gives customers the info that they are searching for.
  • Built for dealers — easy for you to use and update.
  • Optimised for performance — meets search engine best practices to maximise performance.

Check out more of the key features and benefits of Inventory Search below, or Contact Us for more information on launching your inventory online today!

Inventory Search
Inventory Search at Dealership

Why choose inventory search?

Website integration

Your inventory is integrated into your Website to ensure it is search-engine friendly and performs well for users.

Seamless synergy

Inventory Search integrates seamlessly with Dealer Solutions’ Inventory Management, Lead Management, Call Tracking, and Photography.

Smart inventory control

Manage your inventory and images in the Dealer Solutions Online Dashboard. You can easily control all vehicle details including pricing and campaigns, individual vehicle comments, and images.

Data from the most popular sources

We can receive stock information from almost any source and are licensed to display both Redbook and Glass’s data.

Scalable to suit any dealership

Dealer Solutions’ inventory systems can scale to suit a Small Independent Dealer to a multi-site, Multi-franchise Group, publisher, or OEM with thousands of vehicles. Data can be integrated with DMS systems and managed via the Dealer Solutions Online Dashboard or manually entered on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis making it straightforward to maintain your stock list.

Built to engage customers

With Social Sharing and Save Vehicle features, customers are engaged on your website for longer, helping to retain them through the buying process.

Dealer showing inventory