Photo Manager

Manage your inventory photos with ease

Are you looking for a way to quickly edit and upload your inventory photos? Look no further. Dealer Solutions’ Photo Manager allows you to edit your vehicle photos how you like. It also allows you to upload your photos for advertising sources only once—no more uploading to each website (e.g., Gumtree, CarsGuide, and Tradingpost) individually!

Learn more about our Photo Manager solution below, or Contact Us for more information today!

Photo Manager

Comprehensive editing tools

Comprehensive photo editing tools allow you to brighten, adjust contrast, rotate and crop your vehicle photos to meet your requirements.

Rename and resize with ease

With Photo Manager you can rename and resize photos individually or in bulk, saving you time.

Integrates with our inventory system

Photo Manager integrates with Dealer Solutions’ Inventory Management systems, automatically publishing your photographs to your Dealer Solutions Website and supported online advertisers.

On-going support

The Dealer Solutions Client Service team is committed to providing you with great service and is on-hand to help you maximise the benefits of our Photo Manager.