CarHistory lead

Turn CarHistory reports into more leads

Checking your inventory prior to sale is important, but now you can turn those checks into more leads by making them available to your website customers. When you generate a CarHistory Report for one of your vehicles, and it isn’t stolen, written off or subject of a security interest, you can invite your website customers to exchange their contact details to receive a free copy of the report.

Your customers get a free report and you get a quality lead to follow up!

Learn more about CarHistory Lead below, or Contact Us to sign up today!

Car History

No additional cost

CarHistory Lead is included in the price of your CarHistory certificate purchase. There is no additional cost to implement CarHistory Lead into your website inventory (requires Dealer Solutions current website inventory system). Leads generated from CarHistory Lead are free too. No lead or subscription fees.

Superb support

At Dealer Solutions we strive to give our customers great value. When you purchase a Dealer Solutions’ product you can expect on-going support from our Client Service team.