PPSR certificates

We make using the ppsr easy

Our Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR), integrated with Dealer Solutions’ systems will help you easily overcome the challenges presented by PPSR and ensure you spend more time getting on with the business of selling cars.

The PPSR is the register on which security interests in vehicles are recorded. As a dealer, using the PPSR to search and to find out more about a vehicle’s registered interest gives you complete confidence in the vehicles you are purchasing and selling.

Dealer Solutions’ PPSR Certificates access saves you time, saves you money and ensures that using the PPSR is as easy as possible. Find out more below, or Contact Us for more information today!


Connects to your inventory

You don’t have to enter VINs for each search, saving time and improving accuracy. The system also allows you to save point-in-time searches for future reference.

Integration and accuracy

Save time by directly integrating PPSR Certificates into your existing online Inventory. You will be alerted against performing duplicate searches on the same vehicle.

Tailored to your needs

Accounts are set up so you do not have to enter payment details on every search.

Confidence in your vehicles

Using our PPSR solution allows you to quickly and confidently check the status of the vehicles you are buying and selling, ensuring that there are no existing security interests, you meet your statutory obligations and there are no nasty surprises!