February 24, 2016

Submitted by: Stephen Best—Chief Commercial Officer, A.P. Eagers

Two Decades with Dealer Solutions

My personal involvement started with Dealer Solutions about 8 years ago however A.P. Eagers first got involved in approximately 1996. Dealer Solutions has a great depth of industry knowledge and we benefit from using one supplier for a number of products and services. In particular, Dealer Solutions helps us maintain Inventory aggregation across multiple dealer management systems and locations. We’ve also made use of other services such as Website design and maintenance, Photography and Parts Connector across our dealer network.

Our experience with Dealer Solutions has been excellent. You get a quality service at a reasonable price. There are cheaper alternatives but you can’t be as confident that they will always deliver. We also appreciate that they operate independently.

Across our whole organisation, we have a very strong relationship with Dealer Solutions. This has certainly helped us do a number of things. Significantly, they facilitated our used vehicle trading in our large and diversified group, across a multiple DMS environment.

I would recommend Dealer Solutions to other companies because they are “the great facilitators”. They make things work.